The first years.

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The first years.

Post by The Ring Leader on Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:38 pm

When man was created, the Creator neglected man for a few hundred years. This caused man to fight, and a war broke out. We call this historic war, as 'The War of Beginnings'

The Creator then seen the people in agony, starving and famished. He sought out to fix the problem by granting a gift to the people, to be able to take care of themselves. This gift is called L'met. This gift is an ability to 'will' something in existence.

All of the world was given a force that resides in all things. The air, water, and all elements. One would be able to manipulate all of this given his will-power was strong enough.

Then the Creator also gifted them a Great Prophet named Samuel. The Creator spoke to Samuel, and told the people how to use this gift, and gifted Samuel ever lasting life. So that he may continue to teach.

Years have pasted, and nations formed. One in particular named, Cross, founded on the biggest land mass, thrived like none other. Creating states. A king rose from power to lead this nation to greatness. Teaming up with Samuel they helped use L'met to better the lives of the world. This king's name is Kressen Houghes, or King Kressen.

All was well, for a short lifetime, until the King realized that the people of Cross still worshiped Samuel more then he desired. Age fell upon the king, and not a day passed for Samuel. Jealousy rose in the kings heart, and locked Samuel up and forced worship upon himself, as the new prophet of the Creator.

Now, L'met is no longer allowed in the great kingdom of Cross, but only by followers of the Kingdom. The villagers fought back, starting the 1000 year long war.

Oppressors became slaves as a new army rose from the kingdom of Cross. Ancient cities fall in ruin and tales are told of this once great nation.

No sign of Samuel ever came. All hope was lost, and no child was taught the ways of L'met.

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